About Us

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Mandalorian Crisis is a forum-based role-playing game inspired from other RPGs such as Star Wars: Episode VII: A Shattered Hope and Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny. The main focus is on character development, both custom and canon, and the progress of a unique storyline, but tactial simulations and battles also play an important role, allowing the enjoyment of all players.

The Mandalorian Crisis takes place in the Star Wars universe, 3,963 years before the Battle of Yavin. The Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders under Mandalore the Ultimate have attacked the Galactic Republic and roped them into a great war. Rather than following the storyline as planned, in this reality, players will take up the roles of various characters and make their own decisions regarding the war. Whether or not your character joins in the fray or simply watches from aside or even creates a war of their own is completely up to you. Will the Republic win the war? Or will the Mandalorian Wars be the end of democracy in the galaxy? The choices are in your hands.

This game does not require an extensive knowledge of the Star Wars universe, although being that it takes place in a less-popular time-frame, more knowledge certainly helps. It's easy to sign up and get established within the game with a helpful community to ask for support. If you're interested in joining, head over to the forums and read over the Announcements and Applications forums along with the forum rules. We hope to see you in-game!

Special Thanks and Copyright

The administration would like to give a special thanks to Christian "Crazed Ewok" Brendel for helping with putting together and designing the website and forum. Additionally, we'd like to thank Chris "Mace" Boden and Ryan "Vladimir" Sonnenberg for sharing the hosting costs.

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