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Djaerik Cantina, Upper City

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Djaerik Cantina, Upper City
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  Zayne Carrick

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The cantina was, as always, louder than a flock of mynocks. As Zayne passed through the archway, he looked over at the bar. Despite the number of nobles and businessmen that populated this particular establishement, you could always find a number of shady characters at the counter near the back of the room. Today there were only three or four beings sitting on the stools-a man and a woman who looked like they knew each other pretty well, a short being enshrouded in a cloak, and a large and very intimidating Whiphead sitting next to him.

Zayne raised his hood over his head and pulled his cloak over his lightsaber. Recent political fallouts on Taris had turned the populace slighty against the Jedi, and Zayne didn't want to do anything to make the situation worse. He stretched out to the human couple to try and read their intent. As usual, it took him a minute to summon up the proper peace of mind, but he managed to glimpse their surface feelings. Now that he was open to the Force, the two radiated cheer and happiness. Nothing to indicate that they were plotting or scheming or something.

With the humans out of the equation, he turned his attention to the Whiphead. Being a brutish creature, its feelings were slightly easier to sense, but it still gave him a bit of trouble.Once he was tapped into its mind, he sensed that even though it looked sleepy, it was wide-awake and alert. Zayne would have to keep his eyes on it for now. If push came to shove, he really didn't want to have to mess with something twice his size and weight. Shifting to the smaller being, he reached out with his mind-

-and smiled slightly as he failed to penetrate its mental shield. Got you. He reached inside his cloak to get a hand on his lightsaber, strode towards the figure, and clamped a hand on its shoulder. "Marn Hierogryph, I hereby place you under arre-" He was cut off as the figure collapsed to the floor. Dropping to his knees, Zayne pulled off the cloak to reveal a small stuffed Ewok toy given to children. Oh, for krif's sake- He hadn't been able to pierce the mental barrier around the toy because there hadn't been one, something that he would've known if he'd bothered to sense the cloak for any signs of life. He'd never hear the end of it from Master Draay. I've been had." Ignoring the slight chuckles from the nearby patrons, Zayne stood and turned around to find himself face-to-face with a blaster pistol.

The Whiphead held a clawed finger up to its wrinkled lips and withdrew the blaster back inside its cloak. It jerked its shaggy head towards the rear exit and stood, putting a massive hand on Zayne's shoulder to steer him to the door. He felt the blaster pressing through the creature's cloak into his back as they left the cantina. Another flawless arrest, Zayne. What else could go wrong? Once they were outside, the Whiphead reached inside his cloak and pulled out his lightsaber before shoving it inside a pocket. He was about to try to reach for it with the Force when he heard a familiar voice. "Your gullibility never ceases to amaze me, kid." Zayne turned to stare into the eyes of Marn Hierogryph, black market dealer and residential gangster.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Zayne replied, "That's 'Padawan', Hierogryph."

Gryph chuckled. "That's 'chump'." He motioned to the pair of swoopers flanking him, and they moved frward to grab Zayne.

Or rather, grab the empty air were he'd been. He was suddenly four meters higher than he had been half a second ago.

Someone cursed as Zayne landed on the shoulders of the two thugs. He lashed out to kick one in the side of the head, but overbalanced himself in the process. He and his 'mount' fell to the ground, and the swooper he'd been aiming at impacted the alley wall two meters away and slumped to the ground, unconscious. Zayne reached out with his hand, summoned his lightsaber from the Whiphead's pocket with the Force, and whacked the second thug on the head with the heavy end. he, too, fell unconscious.

The Whipead roared and pulled out its blaster, a nasty-looking Aratech model favored by criminals and mercenaries. "Stinking Jedi intern!" Zayne ducked as a blaster bolt flew past his head, singing the hair on his scalp. That was way too close... He stood back up and raised his saber to block the next bolt from his attacker. He tried to reflect it back to the thugs, but that just made his saber rattle towards the ground. After that, Zayne settled for keeping them away from him as he continued to try and tap into the Force to wrench the weapon from the Whiphead's hand. He almost got it to fall free, but his concentration slipped and he nearly missed another bolt that would have hit his arm.

Time to end this, he thought. With a surge of energy, he lifted a nearby plate of metal with the Force and hurled it at the creature's head. It connected with a hollow toonk and knocked it off balance, giving Zayne the opportunity Zayne needed to yank the blaster from its hand. It roared again and charged him, but he flicked the weapon to stun and knocked the Whiphead out cold. "And as for you, Herogryph," Zayne said as he turned-

-To find that the alleyway was empty, save for him and the three thugs.

He sighed in frustration. Master Draay and the Council will love this, he thought dismally. Another brilliant screwup by mediocre Padawan Zayne Carrick. I can hardly wait. After placig binders on the three thugs and activating his rescue beacon to make sure that the authorities would find them, Zayne walked around to the front of the cantina and mounted his swoop bike. He could already hear the lecture he was going to get from Master Draay about patience and something or other.
Zayne Carrick
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