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Jedi Temple, Library (Surface)

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Jedi Temple, Library (Surface)
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  Kira Daast

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Her eyes narrowed as she read through the remainder of the Holonet report. The entire thing was hard to get through, what with so much death and destruction. Iziz, the once great city, was overrun with Neo-Crusader troops and the bodies of countless Republic soldiers. Kira had hoped that she would get to visit Onderon and see if the stories she had heard lived up to her expectations. Now all that was far from her reach with the unexpected Mandalorian occupation. Perhaps some day she would see the city, but not now.

She knew Onderon deserved a better fate. They had served the Republic well for years, and now they were the latest victims of the Mandalorian horde. From the reports she had been reading all morning, they didn't even stand a chance. Even the Republic's military could do nothing to stop them. If the Republic couldn't stop them, what could?

"Are you still reading those reports?" came a familiar voice. Kira fiddled with the blonde bun tied in the back of her hair for a moment, not answering the question, as if she hadn't even heard anything. Finally, her arms returned to the table in front of her and folded themselves into a pile. Without turning to see who it was, she responded,

"How can we be letting this happen?"

No response. After an awkward pause, Kira turned her head and met with the vibrant blue eyes of the Jedi Master Atris. Her white robes and matching hair seemed to glimmer everywhere she went, and in the fading sunlight spilling into the room from the expansive windows, it was no different. Despite her appearance, however, she wore a grim expression on her face.

"It's not our place to decide any course of action, Kira. The Republic has gone to war, and that was their decision. The Jedi have no place in this business," she explained in a soothing voice.

"It's not that," Kira continued, shutting off the monitor and rising to her feet. The two were almost of equal height, with Kira being slightly shorter. She began to walk away, but Atris followed by her side, expecting her to go on. It took a moment for Kira to gather her thoughts. "Why did it take as long as it did? The Republic didn't act until the Mandalorians had a foothold in the Inner Rim. Are they trying to tell us that the thousands of innocent lives lost in the Outer Rim were meaningless?"

"They were not perceived as a threat then."

"I don't believe that. The Republic saw what they were capable of, but refused to act. Now it may be too late to stop them," she said absentmindedly, suddenly stopping in place and staring into space. Atris spun on a heel to face Kira.

She watched her for a brief time, taking in the young Jedi's strange behavior. Kira herself acknowledged that she was acting odd, for a Jedi, but she couldn't help herself. Perhaps she was simply letting her emotions get ahold of herself before she could use reason. Perhaps she was already on her way down the path of the Dark Side...

No, she thought, snapping herself back to reality. I can't keep letting my mind wander like that.

"Nevertheless, it's not the Jedi's business. Leave matters of war to the Republic," Atris finally said, bearing an expression as if she had just had the same conversation a few moments ago. Kira knew she was right. After all, they had been friends for a few years now and more than once had Atris given her words of wisdom. Despite being young to be sitting upon the Council and to be a Jedi Master, Atris had knowledge far beyond her years. She was often stubborn, perhaps, but wise.

Kira simply shrugged and conceded with, "You're probably right." Atris' look of worry turned into a thin smile. "I probably am," she added as the two continued walking.

"I've spent so much time giving you advice I'm beginning to feel like your Master," she joked, giving Kira a smile of her own.

Kira raised an eyebrow and gave Atris a sidelong look, saying, "I've passed the trials now. My days as a Padawan are over."

"Ah, I suppose that is true, isn't it," Atris said, her smile growing a bit wider. "Just don't get the wrong impression. You may be a Jedi Knight now, but you still have a lot to learn."

"That's why I'm still friends with you."

The two women shared a quick laugh, exchanged goodbyes, then parted ways. Kira tugged on her brown robe as she spun toward the exit. The Jedi Temple was a still a strange place to her after being from the Dantooine enclave, but after a few visits, she was beginning to become accustomed to it.

The hallways were massive, with open windows allowing natural light to illuminate them fully. Even after having seen all the halls before, she was still impressed with the design, especially after being so used to the humble enclave.

As she wandered the halls, her mind floated back to the topic of the war. Atris had reassured her that the Republic had it under control, but Kira was still unconvinced. After seeing what they could do, could the Republic really put an end to their expansion? Could anything stop them, for that matter? Too many questions plagued her mind, but she managed to shake them off at least one more time as she turned into an unfamiliar corridor.

Now all she had to worry about was finding her way back to her room....

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   The Mandalorian Crisis Forum Index » Coruscant
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