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Application for Isaac Gallien

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Application for Isaac Gallien
 PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 2:06 pm Reply with quote  
  Isaac Gallien

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Name: Isaac Gallien
Age: 61
Affiliation: Republic (Judicial Forces)
Rank: Adjudicator (Elected Head of Republic Judicial Department & Forces)
Homeworld: Berchest
Species: Human
Height: 1.92m

Physical Description:

Isaac Gallien is a tall, grey-haired human who is perhaps somewhat past his physical prime. Clearly once an athletic man, he now seems to have deteriorated slightly. His handshake is still firm, however, and his mind perfectly sound – with many years of experience both lifting his head and weighing him down. He is not frail by any means, though, and still makes the effort to exercise and keep healthy. This somewhat accounts for his longevity, and it is often commented that he looks ten years younger than his age – of course, at his age, this is perhaps not much of a compliment, except when it makes him more hologenic on the news-nets.

This, in short, is a very, very wilful and ambitious man – one willing to do pretty much whatever it takes, in this glamorous and rich cut-throat world of galactic politics, to achieve his goals. When one has been involved in politics for so many years, one fairly automatically becomes cynical, and this is precisely what has happened to Isaac. From the very bottom of the political ladder, his climb has never been easy, and this has given him immense political skill and influence – and yet somewhere, along the way, much of his real emotional validity has been lost, and his life now consists of votes, meetings both open and clandestine, skulduggery and the occasional bout of acceptable, meaningless hedonism.

Born amongst the towering crystal pinnacles of Berchest, a saline water-world, Isaac Gallien was raised amongst the artisan-craftsmen and merchants of his world. Not short of money in his childhood, and gifted with parents who gave him the finest private tuition available, he showed promise as a student. However, his tutors noted a certain restlessness in him – one which they would always dismiss as adolescent anxieties or childish fantasies. Whilst his teachers were critical of this, his parents were more understanding, and when he grew into his teens, they chose to appease his ambitions by sending him offworld to be educated on Coruscant.

On the metropolis world, he thrived, with the highly competitive atmosphere and limitless amount of new experience to gain feeding his appetites perfectly. Even during his years of tuition, he began work in various governmental and Senatorial departments as an intern and junior advisor, and he soon came to view the political struggles as an extension of his education. He took to the metaphorical throat-cutting of politics with a gusto which surprised everyone except himself.

Upon the completion of his full Coruscanti Galactic Education in his early twenties, his networking for the past decade had paid off. Soon he was a senior player in the Senator for Duro’s re-election campaign, and became highly talented in the behind-the-scenes speechwriting and machinations of that event. Unfortunately, as the campaign wore on, it became clear that the battle-axe Senator was to be outvoted in favour of someone younger and more radical. Isaac’s course of action was clear. He switched sides on the very night of the election, officially joining the retinue of the new radical as an official Senate functionary.

Worming his way into various sub-committees and political factions, he continued a string of minor but influential appointments into his thirties, using each as a rung on the ladder to the next – and knocking those who would compete with him off of the ladder. It was only later that the old Senator for Berchest perished in an unfortunate airspeeder accident that the now Senatorial Candidate Gallien began to shine and climb the greasy pole of elected office.

As his rivals had, ‘coincidentally’, begun to experience various vote-losing corruption and personal scandals, his initial election was practically uncontested, and Isaac soon took to the privileges, power, and prurience of being a Senator as if it were the finest spice. It was only a matter of years, however, before the war with the Sith arrived, and soon his priorities were forced to change. Where before, he had reached his highest goal, and had wallowed in his position, he saw weakness and opportunity even higher in the Republic’s hierarchy. The ineffectual leadership from the top cried out to him for replacement.

During the war, his personal direct power was unimportant to the course, though his influence could sway many to back his proposals for more defence spending, new shipyard construction, and other protective measures. Indeed, his voting record, coupled with more than one clever advertising campaign, soon had him marked down as a loyal patriot of the Republic, ready to make sacrifices to defend liberty.

When the war ended, however, his votes and proposals seemed to make him very happy to deprive the liberty of those who had fought against it, and soon, without his manipulation, he acquired another reputation of being highly tough on crime and corruption. In his own affairs, of course, he was as corrupt as any other Senator, especially with regard to committees he chaired, but he hid it well. What mattered to him was that he was against the corruption shown by others, not his own personal affairs.

It was only a few years ago that Isaac, in an election that came closest to being a ‘fair’ one in his career, narrowly defeated the famous Kasvagorian law enforcer Egh’noghh in the race for the position of Adjudicator – the Republic’s chief justice and judge, as well as director of policy for the galactic Judicial Police Force. In this new position, the opportunities for further power and political gain became excruciatingly clear, and the somewhat unreliable reports of more threats from the Rim allowed Adjudicator Gallien to start a campaign of spreading worry about the ‘Threat’ among the populace of the Republic.

In only a little over a year, the Judicial Forces had practically become a Judicial Armada, with the enormous influx of funding dedicated to dealing with the ill-defined threat allowing much recruitment and equipment production to take place. By the end of the restructuring, the former galactic police force had turned into far more of a galactic enforcement and defence organisation, with fleets of new-design compact vessels being painted in Judicial blue and soon spreading its protective umbrella across the heartland of the Republic.

From this strong position, Adjudicator Gallien resolved to fulfil one further ambition in his career – to topple the Supreme Chancellor and be elected in his stead.

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 PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 2:13 pm Reply with quote  
  Kira Daast

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Approved, since I've known about this guy for weeks. Razz

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