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Keldabe, Mandalorian Captial

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Keldabe, Mandalorian Captial
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  Talda Scytis

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The Mandalorian Overcommander looked over the newest trainees of the Neo-Crusaders, and found it good. His helmet, the capitulation of his customized light-orange armor, sat on the balcony before him carved of the bone of ancient mythosaurs. The two lekku trailing from the back of his skull were wrapped in leather overlaid with silver wire, binding them right. One was draped over the front of his shoulder, the end twitching slightly with his satisfaction. The Mandalorians would not sit still for long, and it would be glorious to bring all into the fold.

His voice was a powerful resonance in the Mandalore capital, speaking to all assembled. "Friends! Mandalorians! Countrymen! Today, you are no longer recruits of the Mando'ade. You are now soldiers! My fathers, my brothers, my sons! You are no longer human, Twi`lek, Rodian, or any else. You are Mando, you are legion, and you will not be denied! Resistance is futile, victory undeniable! Our enemies will fall before our might!"

A mighty cheer arose from the assembled legions, their transports waiting just beyond. The unity of their cry, the way they all responded as one was a testament to the rigidity and the discipline of the Mandalorian army. Dimly, Talda wondered if the Republic truly knew what was coming for them. Their campaigns around the fringes of their declared space were tremendous accomplishments, and thus far they had not responded... all the while, letting the Mando'ade gather resources to bring the entirety of the galaxy under their fold.

Soon... soon, the glory of his people would be known, and the galaxy would quake in fear of the mention of the name Mandalore, and they would know not to try and fight back... the slaughter that would be bestown upon their foes would be vicious, deadly, and would inspire the deepest fear. Perhaps, they would give up without sacrificing so many lives...

As he turned, he seized his helmet and walked back into the spire of the building. his voice was soft as he recited the last lines of an ancient battle hymn, appropriate to the grim reality of the near future. "Duum motir ca'tra nau tracinya. Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a."

Let all those who stand before us light the night sky in flame. Our vengeance burns brighter still.

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   The Mandalorian Crisis Forum Index » Mandalore
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